Thursday, March 29, 2012

Story using new words - By Alisha and Isha

There are two men called Willi Wonka and Simon Puttok who were best friends. They lived in Paris. Simon always medelled with things around him. There was a BIG secret: they were actually brothers and they didn't know it. Mr. bucket and Mrs.bucket were Simon's duplicate parents and they were and furious people. They ruined all  the things around them. Mr and Mrs.Twit were the real parents of willi and Simon and Willy. Mr. and Mrs Twit also had one more son called Charlie Twit. The duplicate parants blackmailed Mr.and Mrs. Twit.

One day, Charlie got to know this secret. He told it to Willi and Simon. Then, They all went to search their parents. While searching they reached the mountains.They did skating but they tumbled down hill. They didn't have any money to eat , so they went in a show where they did somersaults and competed with many others. They won 500 rupees and they ate some food.

When they went to the Eiffel tower something amazing happened. They bumped into their real parents walking with their cat who was chewing his whiskers. Mrs Twit was looking very elegant in her blue dress. The whole family leaped and cheered with joy. 

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