Thursday, March 29, 2012

Monster madness - Short story by Zia, Ayaan and Tushita

Once upon a time there lived a girl called Lucy. She lived in a small house and was very poor.
She was very generous and gentle. One day Lucy was snoring in her bed in a puffy dress. As she was sleeping she heard a noise- CRUSH! CRUSH! CRUSH! It was like an electric shock for her. Lucy opened the door and started walking in the moonlight. The trampling noise was coming nearer and nearer and her house was going farther and further. Then she saw someone coming - thud! thud! thud! The big man was crushing the daisies as he walked.

It was a monster! She wasted tonnes of kinetic energy screaming and yelling! The lizards squashed and the monster's eyes glittered. she tiptoed back upstairs - hushhhh... Lucy reached and back in the bed, snoring.... It was all but a dream! 

Story using new words - By Alisha and Isha

There are two men called Willi Wonka and Simon Puttok who were best friends. They lived in Paris. Simon always medelled with things around him. There was a BIG secret: they were actually brothers and they didn't know it. Mr. bucket and Mrs.bucket were Simon's duplicate parents and they were and furious people. They ruined all  the things around them. Mr and Mrs.Twit were the real parents of willi and Simon and Willy. Mr. and Mrs Twit also had one more son called Charlie Twit. The duplicate parants blackmailed Mr.and Mrs. Twit.

One day, Charlie got to know this secret. He told it to Willi and Simon. Then, They all went to search their parents. While searching they reached the mountains.They did skating but they tumbled down hill. They didn't have any money to eat , so they went in a show where they did somersaults and competed with many others. They won 500 rupees and they ate some food.

When they went to the Eiffel tower something amazing happened. They bumped into their real parents walking with their cat who was chewing his whiskers. Mrs Twit was looking very elegant in her blue dress. The whole family leaped and cheered with joy. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tushita's poem on Energy

Travel, entertainment, cooking and many more;
All require energy galore.
Sources of energy are many my friends;
Selection of the ones renewable is what makes sense.

Crackling coal,gushing oil splitting uranium;
Most commonly used, they don't last long and form in a millemiun.

Trickling water down the stream;
OH! Looks like a wonderful dream.
Whistling air, moving with a flair;
Plant and animal waste, giving gases bare.
Burning sun and heat of the earth;
Reminder of clean power without dearth.

Let us work towards using renewable over non - renewable energy;
Let us take a pledge to conserve energy. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

What a day!!!!

Today, we.......

I felt.....

May be, tomorrow I will......

That's it for now!!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

March 12th

Go to:

Watch the 'intro' first.

Then solve problems starting from 'Ratio 1'. Go up to how many ever levels you can.

Friday, March 2, 2012

March 2nd homework

UOI: Energy worksheet
English: Conduct research about the author of the book you chose for World Book Day. Write a biography of the author in your own words (word limit: 150 to 250 words). Write about the author's birth place, childhood, family, education, proffession and other challenges he/she faced. Include information about the author's writing style (what is special about his/her writing?).

Extension: Math - Solve the math quiz. Link given in the previous post.