Thursday, March 29, 2012

Monster madness - Short story by Zia, Ayaan and Tushita

Once upon a time there lived a girl called Lucy. She lived in a small house and was very poor.
She was very generous and gentle. One day Lucy was snoring in her bed in a puffy dress. As she was sleeping she heard a noise- CRUSH! CRUSH! CRUSH! It was like an electric shock for her. Lucy opened the door and started walking in the moonlight. The trampling noise was coming nearer and nearer and her house was going farther and further. Then she saw someone coming - thud! thud! thud! The big man was crushing the daisies as he walked.

It was a monster! She wasted tonnes of kinetic energy screaming and yelling! The lizards squashed and the monster's eyes glittered. she tiptoed back upstairs - hushhhh... Lucy reached and back in the bed, snoring.... It was all but a dream! 

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