Tuesday, May 8, 2012

No bones about it!!

The groups are trying to make a 'standing' model of the human body with play dough.
These couldn't realy stand!!
They were then given icecream sticks. The students started using them in different ways.

Finally, the students were given different cereals that represented different organs (white chick peas for brain, black chick peas for heart, small kidney beans for kidneys, etc.). These were to be inserted in the right places inside the figurine.

What we learnt was that our bones give us structure. They help to stand up straight - without them we would be floating like jelly! The joints help in moving our bones.
The bones also protest some internal organs.


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  2. Ms. Latha says:

    Thanks for sharing, Class 5. I love the title,as well as your efforts. The concept of skeleton supporting our bodies comes through clearly, and you seem to be having a good laugh while learning such a big concept.

    Thanks Ms Archana for the excellent documentation.

  3. Seems like a lot of fun learning. I wish I had such learning opportunities too.

    I read about an app in Ipad where one can deconstruct a human body (example ripping out organs) and then reconstruct it. I dont have an ipad, maybe if someone has it, one can explore that app.


    best wishes