Friday, May 18, 2012

Creative + Critical thinking

This week was filled with a lot of group work. The students worked collaboratively to create colourful posters and shapes.

To better understand the interdepence of body systems, the students were divided into four groups and each group was asked to conduct research about two different body systems. The students then created posters to show the interdepence and also presented them to the class. This is what they look like:
 Tushita, Aliza and Ayaan
 Zia, Aman and Nabil
 Isha, Aahil, Alisha and Anik
 Armaan, Muskan and Riya

Followed by this, the students made connections between all the body systems using a sheet of paper and satin ribbons.

In Math, we were learning how to construct different shapes using geometic tools. Along with the drawing skills, students are also learning a lot of geometric vocabulary: types of angles, types of triangles, etc. Concepts like scaling, decimals and measurements are bein reiterated.

We worked on a project for applying the meaning of 2D shape and measurements. Students were divided into group based on mixed abilities and they were a list of different shapes to construct: circles with given radius/diameter, triangles (different types), square, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon and octaon. They were asked to construct these shapes on coloured paper and cut them. The students then created different things with these shapes.

I am really very proud of the efforts put in by all the students. What a wonderfully satisfying week!

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